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Mort by Art Skull

TWO Horror Drunx Events THIS WEEKEND!!!

Posted by firstratedevil on 2009.03.26 at 12:44

MARCH 27, 2009 (Friday at Midnight!): Master of Horror SID TERROR is back on his own night with a completely different "TERRORAILER SHOW: PART 2". Anyone who was at the last one of these trailer shows will tell you it is one of the best times they ever had at Midnight Mass in a movie theater! Don't miss this one!

MARCH 29, 2009 (SUNDAY): THE HORROR DRUNX have teamed up with Brutal Cinema, Grindhouse Releasing, and The Steve Allen Theater to present a special screening of Luchio Fulchi's CAT IN THE BRAIN for its West-Coast premiere in Los Angeles! Also showing as part of this double feature is the 1980's gorefest PIECES! Then to top off the evening a live performance of Black Metal band DIABOLOS on stage! Also look for the store MAD LOVE to be at dealers tables selling Horror Drunx merch, movie memorabilia and other great Horror goodies. THE STEVE ALLEN THEATER, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA. 90027. Admission $5.00 / Doors open at 6:30pm

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