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Spaceballs: stunt doubles

Drunk Drivers; Merkel Barbie Dolls

Posted by rosencrantz on 2009.02.10 at 12:13
Latest German news, besides the obvious Pope approving the denial of the Holocaust stuff going on right now:

Drunk switches dead passenger to driver side

The 35-year-old passenger was killed instantly when the car hit a large truck at high speed on the A44 motorway on Monday evening near Aachen, according to the paper. The driver, also 35-years-old, wasn't seriously injured.

A gruesome situation turned macabre, however, when the man got out of the vehicle and pulled the dead passenger to the other side, laying him next to the driver's side on the highway to make it appear as though he had been driving, police told the paper.

Mattel unveils "Merkel" Barbie doll

It looks just like her, doesn't it?

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